About Fair Trade

We are proud to offer fair trade products.

     All of the products in our store come from manufacturers who follow fair trade practices ensuring a mutually respectful business relationships from obtaining the raw materials to the final product in your hands.  As defined by the organization Global Mamas "Fair trade means that there is an equitable and fair partnership between marketers in developed countries and producers in developing countries. A fair trade partnership works to provide otherwise marginalized artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work. Fair trade promotes sustainability through a variety of social business practices that advocate higher standards in regards to pay, work atmosphere and environmental protection, among others."

Meet Global Mamas, an organization that helps more than 400 women in Ghana to improve their standard of living with dignity by promoting their traditional craftwork. Wholesale proceeds go directly to the women and the non-profit programs helping them to expand their businesses. By purchasing Global Mamas products, you are offering sustainable livelihoods to women in Africa. Global Mamas practices fair trade principles ensuring that each woman in the network:

  • Earns a living wage
  • Has steady orders and is paid promptly
  • Gains access to critical raw materials
  • Strives to minimize any negative impact on the environment
  • Provides safe and healthy working conditions for employees
  • Receives training in new product development, business management, and quality control

We partner with producers and distributors that are members of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and the

 World Fair TradeOrganization.

Other partners:

Global Crafts

World Finds

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